When’s she gonna have her babies?  The gestation period for a goat is 150 days, and according to my calculations from when I’m pretty sure she got bred, she was due March 5.  Today is March 8 and I don’t see any signs of imminent delivery.  Her bag filled about halfway a couple weeks ago and has remained the same.  We have her kidding stall ready and she goes in there every night.  She is acting a little more tired and lays down a lot.  I felt the kids move today.  I can’t wait for her to have them!

Sage, on the other hand, is more of a question of IF she is pregnant.  She should be due the end of March but I’m really having doubts.  She just doesn’t look like she’s pregnant to me, she isn’t getting bigger, her bag isn’t filling, etc.  If she isn’t that will create a lot of problems for me.  I need milk for our own consumption, to make cheese, and of course lots of milk to make soap.  One goat can’t supply all that.  I will just keep hoping I’m wrong and she IS pregnant.

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