Meet Fanny and Basil



Everyone, meet Fanny.  We bought her about two weeks ago and she is the latest addition to the “herd.”  Fanny is a 2 year old  Oberhasli dairy goat.  She used to be a show goat but is now ready to be a momma and milker.  Fanny is super sweet and is adjusting to her new home very well.  She had a little baby girl four days ago! 

This is Basil, Fanny’s four day old kid.  Isn’t she a cutie!  Yesterday she got to spend the day outside with all the other goats for the first time.  Her “brothers” (Cypress’ two kids) tried to teach her to play but Basil wasn’t quite sure just what to do.  She actually spent much of the day just laying down napping in the soft grass while her mom stayed nearby.  The boys eventually got bored with their sleepy sister and moved on to attempt to climb anything and everything they could find.  All baby animals are cute but I think baby goats have got to be the cutest!

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