Happy Chickens

A happy day for the chickens!  They moved from their brooder in the garage to their chicken tractor outside.  They’re busy eating grass and snacking on bugs.  This is my second batch of chickens to raise.  Last year I got Delawares and had great success with them.  I didn’t lose any of the 18 males and 12 females I ordered (as chicks, later I lost a few adults to roaming neighbor dogs).  The males went into our freezer but we were rather disappointed in their size and toughness of the meat.  They were free range birds.  This time we decided to try raising the meat birds in a chicken tractor so they don’t run around as much and develop tough muscle.  Just to try something different I got Buff Orpingtons this time.  Still a heritage dual purpose breed.  I got 25 males and 5 females, but I don’t know yet for sure if the 3 I lost were male or female.  Hopefully not female.  We’ll see how the Buffs compare with the Delawares for egg laying.

5 thoughts on “Happy Chickens”

      1. they were when we had them in the barn. But since we moved them on pasture, they tend to stay out in the grass more than the Reds. The Reds get up in the next boxes more.

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