Fig Tree

A couple weeks ago we went to the Franklin Farmer’s Market just outside of Nashville.  I love that farmer’s market, it’s full of energy, beautiful produce, arts and crafts, music, just what a farmer’s market should be and I wish we had something like that in Huntsville.  I saw eggs selling for $5 per dozen and raw goat milk (labeled for pet use only) for $9.95 per gallon, so of course I’d love to be able to sell at a market like that!  Anyway, we’d been talking about getting a fig tree, and as luck would have it there were some for sale at the market.  This is a Brown Turkey fig, which is supposed to do well in the South.  We also picked up a horseradish plant, something Jon’s been wanting for awhile as he loves horseradish.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be getting the garden ready for the winter, putting a layer of leaves on the raised beds, as well as planting a few more blueberries and blackberries.  The kale, spinach, chard, carrots and lettuce I planted a couple weeks ago is doing well.  Other things keeping us busy will be picking up the buck we’ll be leasing to breed the goats next week.  He’ll be our aromatic guest for about a month.

This is the best time of year to trail ride so I’ll be fitting that in when I can.

But first, it’s off to the rodeo!  We’re flying out to Kansas City to see a PRCA rodeo and then on up to SW Iowa to visit Jon’s family.  I used to barrel race all through my teenage years and as an adult until a few years ago, and I still appreciate a good rodeo.

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