Farm Update


All three does are hopefully bred.  The buck’s visit was brief (a good thing as he was quite fragrant).  He came in and got the job done quick, fast and in a hurry.  I was slacking at the time and didn’t get a picture of him to post, but he was a handsome Oberhasli buck.  All three girls appear to have been bred at about the same time, which means they’ll be kidding all at once in early March.  Not ideal timing, but when you pen breed you don’t really call the shots.  I’ll have purebred Oberhaslis and Oberhasli/Alpine cross kids for sale in the spring.

We processed our second batch of chickens for this year last weekend.  There were 26 mixed heavy breed roosters, and they dressed out at about 3-1/2 pounds average.  One thing I learned from this batch is that I don’t want to raise black feathered chickens for meat again.  After dressing the skin looks like it was sprinkled with pepper from the black pigment of their feathers, which to me isn’t very appetizing.

I planted 50 cloves of Red Toch garlic, along with some winter greens, lettuce, radishes, spinach, kale and chard in my fall garden.  Herbs still going strong are oregano, sage, thyme, comfrey, mint, lavender, anise hysop and lemon balm.  The basil is done, always the first thing to go.  The snow peas are coming on and we had some in an herbal chicken soup tonight.  Peppers are still producing, and surprisingly my eggplant is doing better now than it did all summer.

Anybody know what this is?  It’s growing in my compost pile, a volunteer, but I didn’t grow or buy anything like it this year.  It’s about a foot long, a hard squash, and has ribs like an acorn.

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