Perfect Fall Weather

Some would not agree, but today was my kind of perfect fall weather.  Very cool, around 50, overcast, everything all damp and wet from last night’s light rain.  It’s the kind of day I just want to curl up with a good book by a fire with a cup of tea and a bowl of hot soup.  But of course that’s not to be when you have gardens and animals to tend before going to a “real” job in the afternoon.  So this election day I spent the morning doing my usual chores–feeding horses, chickens, dogs, cats, milking goats, cleaning stalls and then I went to the garden to see what I could find.

Oregano is still going strong.  I need to cut and dry some more soon.

Snow peas are coming on beautifully.  I picked a bunch (and ate a bunch).  They’re so sweet and crunchy and delicious!

I’m still picking raspberries!  They’ve been producing since July almost nonstop.

And no trip to the garden would be complete without a herd of cats following me!

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