Down to One

This is the time of year when I start to dry up the goats.  I try to milk them as long as I can before it gets too cold, and this morning’s icy cold chill in the air made me realize the time is getting close.  I had already dried one of them up a couple months ago (the Alpine pictured above, Cypress) because she was run down from her twin bucks last spring and just wasn’t gaining weight and giving very little milk anyway.  Today I stopped milking my other Alpine as she was only giving enough to feed the cats.  That leaves me with Fanny, my Oberhasli, who is still giving about half a gallon a day.  I’ll probably tough it out milking her until the end of the month if I can so I can make a couple more batches of cheve and feta.  At any rate, she’ll have to be dried up the first of January so she has two months to rest before she kids in March.

The cats will miss their morning milk!

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