Sheila the Hunter

Sheila is an awesome dog.  She guards the farm 24/7 and nothing gets past her.  However, she does have a rather disturbing habit of burying her kill in my raised garden beds.  She politely waits until they’re empty in the fall and winter, and  I never know what I’ll find in the spring when I start digging around and planting.  One spring it was a rabbit very neatly buried vertically, head down.  On more than one occasion it’s been a woodchuck.  They’re big and nasty to haul away.  Her latest surprise for me was an armadillo.  We were working on our garden beds this weekend and smelled a dead animal, and eventually found an armadillo partially buried in one of the beds.  No small stuff for her, she goes for the big kill.  Maybe she thinks she’s composting.

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