First Attempt at Gouda


Several weeks ago I made my first hard cheese.  I went with Gouda as I had advise from a friend that it was a good one to start with, and it was.  Not too complicated, although I was kind of frantic about keeping my temperatures correct.  Hopefully it’s a forgiving cheese.  For this one I used half goat, half cow milk.  I’m not organized enough to take pictures of the process, but here’s the finished product.  I think the waxing looks a little weird, maybe because I used a brush instead of dipping it.  It’ll be ready to try in a couple days.  I made my second hard cheese last weekend, a farmhouse cheddar, using fresh cow milk from our cow share as I have no more goat milk.  The two books pictured are my resources and I highly recommend them if you’re interested in making your own cheese.

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