snow and christmas 09_2237_edited-1

While we are experiencing a balmy 67 degrees today here in Tennessee, my family and friends in Iowa are preparing for winter’s first blizzard, and I have to admit I’m jealous.  There is something to be said for a good old fashioned blizzard, the kind where you’re snowed in for a day or two, where you have time to sit by the fire with a good book and a cup of tea and listen to the wind howl outside.  A real winter serves a purpose, it forces you to slow down, regain your focus and energy for the upcoming spring planting and spring babies.  It allows you to take a deep breath and enjoy a few simple pleasures like reading, knitting, or whatever you don’t have time to do the rest of the year.

Growing up on a farm in Iowa, I remember being snowed in sometimes for days on end, sometimes losing power and my dad would hook up the generator twice a day so we could milk the cows.  I loved trudging through the snow and drifts sometimes 3-4 feet deep to help my dad milk, and the barn was always warm from the heat of the cows and smelled of sweet alfalfa hay.  After the animals were all taken care of with clean fresh bedding and full bellies, we went back to the house and stayed by the fire playing games or reading.  Those are wonderful memories.

Now I live in the South where the winters are mild and you just feel like you should be outside doing something all the time.  I miss a Midwest winter.

This photo was taken on my parent’s farm in Northeast Iowa a couple years ago during a winter visit.

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