Wild Weather


All in the span of a few days last week we had temps in the 70s, followed by a powerful cold front that produced a tornado in our area, followed by snow.  I’ve read other bloggers accounts of their chickens not venturing out in the snow, but I didn’t even think to check on mine.  I was too excited about getting pictures of my horses in the snow and had to work quickly as the snow was gone about as fast as it came and will probably be the only snow we get!  I’m really curious if they did go out in it.


We got our cold frame built and planted onions, leeks, broccoli, cabbage and parsley.  I haven’t seen any signs of sprouting yet, though.  Because the soil is cooler than it would be in the house it’ll take longer.  How much longer I don’t know, this is an experiment.  I just don’t have room to start seeds in the house and haven’t had much luck doing it that way anyway.  They’re usually spindly and weak, even though I have them under lights.  On a sunny day the temperature in the cold frame rises quickly to 80 degrees or more, and I take the glass off to allow some air flow to cool it down.  Otherwise it stays around 50-70 degrees.  We used mostly scrap wood to build it and found the windows on Craigslist.


We filled milk jugs with water and painted them black to help retain heat.  We stapled 1 inch chicken wire to a frame, laid that on top of the seed flat, planted a seed in each cell, and then covered the seeds with more seed starting mix.  I’m very hopeful we’ll have good luck with this method.

4 thoughts on “Wild Weather”

  1. We had a similar weather pattern except for no tornado last week with eight inches of snow. So glad the tornado was not nearer to you. We had one hit five miles west of us and then again seven miles east two years ago and it did a number on the houses it encountered.

    1. Sounds like we’re both in a lucky spot tornado-wise, and I wish we had your snow (I’m a born and bred midwestern girl and I do miss the snow).

  2. Gorgeous picture of your horse in the snow. My horse wouldn’t know what to do with the white stuff, but he does love rain. He was out in a nice little shower today as we gazed at a full rainbow.

    1. Interestingly, my horse didn’t mind the snow but hates rain. If she’s out in the rain she stands by the gate wanting in, and once in her stall she rolls violently and throws herself against the walls repeatedly, like she’s trying to get the rain off of her. Weird!

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