Are They Slacking?


This morning I found what appeared to be rat poo in the goat barn.  I haven’t seen a trace of rodents for months, thanks to my awesome barn cats, so this was disturbing to say the least.  If there’s one thing I’m deathly afraid of, it’s rats and mice.  Just the thought of them makes me shudder.  So I don’t know if the cats are getting fat and lazy or what, but this is intolerable.  I can’t put poison out, obviously, and there’s no way I could haul a trap out with a rodent in it.   I’ve decided I’m going to try a natural rodent repellent–peppermint.  I’ve heard that they hate the smell of it and won’t come near it.  Same thing with toilet blocks.  Apparently you can also spread used cat litter around, sprinkled with a little extra ammonia, to keep them away.  Tonight when I do chores I will spread several cottonballs soaked in peppermint essential oil along the walls where I saw the poo, and hopefully that’ll be the end of it.

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