First Kids!


Cypress had her kids last night around 8 p.m.  I suspected she was going to have them all afternoon and hoped she’d get it done before dark, but she decided to hold off until night time.  When we checked on her at 8 she had just had them and was cleaning them up, but it was cold (28 degrees) and they were wet.  Not a good combination.  I toweled them off but the little things were so tiny and cold they were struggling.  We put them inside our jackets to see if that would help, no luck.  They tried to stand but were weak and didn’t have the energy to nurse.  So, we brought them in the house.  I milked Cypress and tried to get some colostrum down them and did get a little with a syringe as they just weren’t taking to the bottle.  We also gave them a few syringes of a coffee and karo syrup mixture to help with their energy and that perked them up somewhat.  As they got finally got warm and dry they became more active, but still not interested in taking a bottle.  I tried again at 3 a.m. and it finally clicked for them and they sucked down 4 ounces each.  They peed and pooped, and promptly went back to sleep in their wash tub.  This morning they were doing fine and eagerly took their bottles.  We made little jackets for them out of sweatshirt sleeves and put them out with mama, who was very happy to see them.  I’ve checked on them hourly all day and they’re getting up and around pretty well, although still a little weak, and they’re nursing fine.  Last year was my first year kidding and everything went perfectly.  It was about month later than this year and much warmer.  We’ve had way below temps lately, so dealing with little ones in the cold was a learning experience.  Thank goodness it’s going to warm up back to normal now.  I have two more does due any day.

Best part?  They’re both GIRLS!!


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