20130827-IMG_0691So, I am finally back in eggs!  My 11 Delaware hens are in their 3rd year of laying and are only giving about 2-3 eggs a day between them; however, my 14 pullets (Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons and New Hampshire Reds) started laying and are quickly picking up the slack.  I think pullet eggs are so cute–little mini size eggs.   But even more exciting is that my duck has started laying eggs!  I find them randomly dropped around the yard, so I guess she hasn’t set up house in a nest yet, but at least she’s leaving them where I can see them.  In the photo the duck “pullet” eggs are up top, then a regular chicken egg, then 2 chicken pullet eggs, so you can see even the first duck eggs are as big as a chicken egg and I expect they’ll get bigger as she gets into the swing of things.  We’d never had duck eggs before, but they taste pretty much the same as chicken eggs.  I wanted to know the nutritional differences between chicken and duck eggs, and after doing a little research I found that duck eggs:

Have a larger yolk to white ratio.

Slightly higher protein, vitamins and minerals.

Slightly higher saturated fat.

About double the cholesterol.

 Duck eggs have less water content than chicken eggs so must be cooked more gently; overcooking will make them rubbery.  Duck eggs are prized by bakers, who say their cakes rise higher and taste better due to the higher fat content in duck eggs.

I don’t bake many cakes, but that is definitely on my agenda for the weekend so I can test this theory!

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