Hog Wallow

20130828-IMG_0703The heat has returned to the South this week with heat indexes around 100.  I really can’t complain as it has been a very decent summer by southern standards, and we’ve often been cooler and less humid than what my family has been experiencing in Iowa.  Pigs don’t have sweat glands so it’s up to us to help them stay cool.  My pigs are in a very well shaded pen and they have a glorious wallow they lay in to cool off.  They were pretty smart in making their wallow, they started rooting around by their water trough, making a deep, two-tiered circular area, and then tipped their water  trough over into it.    Hint, hint mom, we need a wallow!


So…when we recently got a duck “pond” I placed  it right outside of the pig pen.


Every few days I empty the duck pond (you wouldn’t believe how nasty and stinky they get it in short order), and this water flows right down into the hog wallow.  This keeps their wallow full of lovely mud with not much effort on my part and the pigs don’t dump their water trough anymore.  Do you see the duck on the diving board?  The pool is a little taller than I wanted and they were struggling to get in, so we set up a plywood ramp for them and they actually use it!


Happy ducks, happy pigs!

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