Farm Photo Friday

A super busy week….our oldest daughter, and the other half of our soap making team, is getting married next Saturday, and as we’re acting as our own wedding planners, that requires a lot of time and preparation.  In addition, many of our family from Iowa are flying or driving in, so we’ve been getting this place in top notch shape for guests.  The yard and gardens were on the agenda this week, top to bottom housecleaning this weekend, and early next week the barns get a good cleaning, the goats get a pedicure, the horses get a nice trim.  Everyone must look their best.  I’m a big foodie, so I’ve been working extensively on menus and food prep, and am very excited to have them all for a farm-to-table outdoor dinner with food we’ve raised or bought locally to show our appreciation for the effort and expense they’ve put forth to attend the wedding.   It’ll start with wine/beer and a selection of cheeses, some of my own goat cheese included, followed by smoked chickens (home grown), a variety of seasonal vegetables and homemade bread, and finishing with an apple cake.  But anyway, here’s what’s been going on this week:


Bobcat doing what he does best, supervising.  He’s my garden buddy and finds a nice shady spot where he can watch me sweltering in the sun pulling weeds.


Yeah, the ducks aren’t on my good side right now.  They’ve pretty much chowed down through the kale in my fall garden AND have moved their nest and I can’t find their eggs anywhere.


And what the ducks didn’t get, the cats have finished off by rolling in that nice garden dirt.  A fence around the garden is on the agenda.


The only thing going on in my garden right now is eggplant and peppers.  Why do we call it eggplant?  Aubergine sounds so much more sophisticated.


Pigs… well… they eat like pigs!   They absolutely love goat milk to the point they start snorting, squealing, grunting and running the fence as soon as they see me head to the barn to milk every morning.


I’ll be taking the week off blogging next week as we enjoy time with family and celebrate our daughter’s wedding.

Have a great weekend!

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