Farm Photo Friday

Our daughter’s wedding last Saturday was beautiful, although not without some stressful moments.  It was an outdoor wedding and it RAINED!  We had rented a large tent at the last minute because of the forecast for rain, and it did rain off and on up until about an hour before the ceremony, but then the sky cleared, a little sun broke through, and we were able to have it outside as planned.  We armed the ushers with towels and they got all the seats dried off just as the first guests arrived.  So now we are getting back to normal, and I want to share a few photos of what’s going on here this week.


The pigs have been thoroughly enjoying all the leftover food from the wedding.  They’ve had cake, potato salad, buns, fruit and even beer!  Yeah, they liked that a lot, and then they went in their house and slept for a long time.


Scout hanging out while I do evening chores.  I love the light this time of year.


The ducks don’t rest much, they seem to be on the move constantly, even at night.  I hear them at all hours of night quack quack quacking their way around the yard.


The asters are looking lovely.  We used some of them in the wedding.  Not much else is going on in the garden, except eggplant, peppers, basil and a little okra.  I keep thinking one day, ONE DAY, I will have an abundant garden that will feed us year round.  Must really work hard at that next year.


One of my pretty little New Hampshire Reds.  They’re laying well and hopefully will keep us in eggs all winter.

You may be wondering why you rarely see any pictures of my goats.  Well, they’re always all over me when I try getting some shots of them and that just doesn’t work too well.  My son is coming home from college this weekend, so I may bully him into helping me set up a goat photo shoot HA!

5 thoughts on “Farm Photo Friday”

  1. Your farm photos are wonderful! Congrats on your daughter’s wedding too…what, no wedding pics???? [hint hint]

    I know what you mean about goats! They’re very willing subjects, like, right in your face!!! haha! Have a great weekend!

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