Farm Update




I meant to get this up on Friday, but time just got away from me.  Anyway, here’s a little recap of what’s been going on at Silver Moon Farm:


I know Halloween has passed, but I just had to share how cute my daughter decorated my front porch!


The pigs are getting very big, probably about 180 pounds or so now.  We sold half a hog to my farrier, and she will be going to the processor on December 17.  The other two my husband and son-in-law want to process themselves, probably not until January when we get some colder weather.


Jon built a new shelter for the pigs as he thought the other one was getting to be too small for them.  This was made out of stuff we had around the farm, and the straw will be going to the garden for mulch when the pigs are gone.  It’s deeper than it looks, and they are very well protected from rain, wind and cold in there.  They still divide their time between this one and their original shelter.  Pigs like to pile and that’s what they do in the original shelter.  One day it’s going to bust at the seams though, and they’ll have no choice but to move over here permanently.


One of the chickens working the compost pile.  I love how my girls work for me, churning up compost, eating bugs and weeds, and laying eggs!


Bobcat, fearless leader of my faithful, awesome rodent patrol!  He follows me everywhere during chores and in the garden.


We dug 25 pounds of sweet potatoes last week.  I had ordered 25 slips, but we didn’t get them planted in a timely manner and only 7 actually grew.


Cabbage is doing great….


as is the salad mix.


And finally, here we are, Alicia and I, with the 3 does whose milk keeps us in the soap making business.  They weren’t feeling very photogenic today.

8 thoughts on “Farm Update”

    1. My middle daughter is the decorator. Somehow she didn’t get the farming gene and has no interest in gardening or livestock, but she has an eye for interior decorating. Works out well for me because when she’s home she makes my house cute!

    1. Oh, if you could’ve seen the rodeo those goats put us through for that picture! They weren’t interested in posing, they wanted LEAVES!

      1. I can imagine!! heehee!!! I must learn to keep my camera with me [at all times]. My goats are allowed to ‘forage’ in the yard when I’m doing chores…and they strike the funniest poses!! Although, I’d probably never capture it well enough to do them justice! Hey, who took your photo anyway??

  1. Yes, that’s it–keep your camera with you all the time and take LOTS of pictures! My husband took this photo. I set all the settings for him, and he took about 30 pictures and this is only one that turned out lol.

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