Farm Photos


Not a whole lot going on this time of year.  I believe all 3 does are bred and the buck’s work here is done and he can go home.  I’ve dried up one of the goats, still milking two but will be drying them up in a couple weeks.  Because of a couple trips to Iowa planned this winter and next summer, I had to schedule my breeding to where they will be dry before Christmas and yet still have their kids on them in late June next year (my parent’s are celebrating their 50th anniversary then).  It isn’t easy to find someone willing to milk for you while you’re on vacation.


Chores aren’t taking very long this time of year.  I can feed 4 horses, stall them/put them out, clean stalls, feed 6 cats, 3 pigs, 25 chickens, 2 dogs and 4 goats, plus milk 2 goats, in about an hour in the morning.  Evening chores take a little less time because I don’t milk in the evening.  This leaves me with time to focus on photography, and I did quite a bit of that this week.



The burning bush is just gorgeous this year.  The trees haven’t been as colorful as usual.


Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Farm Photos”

  1. More beautiful photos! Congrats to your parents. I loved helping my grandparents celebrate their 50th when I was a senior in high school, so long ago. Cherish those moments! Enjoy the vacation!

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