Farm Photo Friday

I’m actually getting this posted on Friday this week!


Caught in the act!  Kitty has some kind of weird obsession with oregano.  I grow catnip and she has no interest in it.  But when I bring in oregano to dry, she goes into some kind of strange trance where she just buries her nose in it and won’t leave!


Did you know pumpkin is supposedly a natural dewormer for chickens?  The suggested amount is to feed free choice for a week each spring and fall.  The seeds of pumpkins and other members of the cucurbitaceae family contain cucurbitacin which paralyzes worms.  Although my chickens are showing no signs of worms, I think I will give this a try.  They already love pumpkin anyway and got some today as I was roasting pumpkins to puree for the freezer.


I finally listened to my body this week.  I’ve been having intense aching pain in my left hip  joint that wakes me up in the night for weeks now and shuffle around like an old lady when I get out of bed in the morning.  I was starting to wonder if it had anything to do with riding because I’ve been riding a lot harder and more often these past few months.  I pride myself on still being able to get on my almost 16 hand mare with no mounting block (I’m 5’4″ with short legs!).  Well, it turns out that silly pride was the cause of the problem.  I used a mounting block all week this week and guess what?  No more pain.  Relief yes, but it’s hard to acknowledge the changes and limitations you face as you age.


Duck feathers are all over my yard!  I guess they pull a lot out as they preen constantly.


This is just a lovely old barn not too far from my house.   I drive past it all the time.  You know how you become immune to things you see all the time.  I finally decided to stop and get a picture of it.

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