Farm Photo Friday

Farm Photo Friday

It’s 38 degrees and raining and I don’t want to go outside.  I’m procrastinating, and maybe by the time I’m done with this it will let up.  This has been a week of weather extremes.  The past two days have been unusually warm in the 70s, and now that has come to a screeching halt with the cold front that’s moving through.


Look at her, she CLEAN!  Blindingly white even!  As it was so warm, I gave her a bath, and she hated every minute of it.  I can’t stand a dirty horse, but she is gray and loves to roll in the mud so keeping her clean is an exercise in futility.  She’s plotting her revenge.


And then there were two.  One hog was processed before Thanksgiving.  This was something my husband and son-in-law wanted to do themselves.  They had a window of opportunity during our last cold snap the weekend before Thanksgiving, and the hog was dispatched quickly and humanely.  No stress of loading, hauling, unloading in an unfamiliar environment, etc.  The butchering went well, and they spent the next couple nights after work cutting up the meat and making sausage, bacon and bratwurst, and it is delicious.  She weighed in at 208 live weight.  As for the remaining two, we have sold half a hog, so that one will be going to the local processor on December 17, and the last one my husband and son-in-law will be doing themselves again.


The bad baby.  Cayanne was born in March, weaned in June, so she’s been weaned for 6 months.  But she still makes a beeline for her mommy’s udder whenever she can sneak past me into the does’ pen.  She’s getting to be a nuisance, but she’s still such a cutie.  I was hoping to breed her this fall, but she’s only 62 pounds and needs to be 80.  I’m hoping she’ll be big enough by January, otherwise she’ll have to wait until next fall.


I pulled the last of the carrots right after we had a freeze last week.  That’s when they are extra sweet.  We’re adding  another 25×50 garden bed next year which I am very excited about.  I never seem to have enough garden space.


Love my New Hampshire Red hens.  They’re very business-like in their approach and definitely the dominant breed in my flock.  When they want a nest box, whoever’s in there better hurry up and get out of the way.  I’m getting about 8 eggs a day.  What we don’t use I trade for cow milk now that my goats are dry.


The last few leaves on my maple trees are the only spots of color left.

Have a great weekend!

9 thoughts on “Farm Photo Friday”

    1. Oh yes, she rolled within minutes of me taking this photo. And it isn’t a one time thing either, she rolls Every.Single. Day.

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