Farm Photo Friday

Farm Photo Friday

20150109-IMG_4722Wide load…. Annalee is about as wide as she is tall.  She isn’t due til March 7, I can’t even imagine how big she’s going to get yet.20150116-IMG_4782Chicken charge… this is how they greet me every morning when I go out to do chores. 20150116-IMG_4793Where’s our breakfast??  The boys are a bit impatient at feeding time.

20150116-IMG_4828 The current nesting spot is on the stack of straw.  Why can’t they just stick with one spot?

20150116-IMG_4836 Abbey, one of my awesome barn cats.

20150116-IMG_4841 Oh, the joys of having a gray horse who loves to roll in the mud daily.  She has no pride.

20150116-IMG_4846 A little frost on the parsley this morning, but temps will be warming up to the 50s for the next several days!

20150116-IMG_4851Yep, time to start seeds.  Tomatoes, cabbage, onions and leeks started this week.

As you can see, not much new going on this week, but it’ll be getting busier soon.  Have a great weekend!

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