Farm Photo Friday

Farm Photo Friday

20150129-IMG_4872Our meat birds arrived on Tuesday, 26 Red Ranger broilers.  We lost five already, hopefully no more.  Shipping is pretty hard on them.

20150129-IMG_4884We had another 60 degree day this week and the daffodils are starting to push out of the ground.

20150129-IMG_4927The boys play follow the leader after breakfast every morning.

20150129-IMG_4899We have a tub placed under the eaves on the barn to catch rain water that we use to water the chickens, dog and cats.

20150130-IMG_4959The tomatoes are up and so are the leeks, but still no onions.  The seed was 2 years old, so I’m thinking it wasn’t viable maybe.  On another seedling note, half of my lovely cabbage seedlings were destroyed……

20140103-IMG_4013…… and here is the guilty party.  She’s not as innocent as she appears in this photo.

Have a great weekend!

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