Farm Photo Friday

Farm Photo Friday

A look at the past week in photos…


The full moon was gorgeous, and I thought this abstract shot of it turned out pretty neat, kinda spooky looking.


I’ve been doing some research into starting an herb business.  I’d like to start selling some plants and fresh cut herbs at the farmer’s market this year and see where it goes.


The girls ventured out on this nice sunny day today but not for long.  Here they are heading back to the barn.


Little Cay’s udder is filling up fast these past few days.  She’s not really very big so I’m guessing maybe just a single kid, but we’ll see.  She might surprise me.  This will be her first kidding.


Looks like the 500 bales we got last summer isn’t quite going to last and we’ll have to get another 50-100 to get us through til May.


The Delaware hens days are numbered.  This is their 5th molt and I don’t really think they’re laying much anymore.


And the horses continue to be overfed and underworked.


Have a great weekend!


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