Farm Photo Friday

Farm Photo Friday

Seems like this week was all about spending time in the kitchen (which I do enjoy)…


I made one of my favorite cheeses, Camembert, with my cow milk share this week.  It needs about 6 weeks to age and develop a white surface mold before it’s ready to eat.  I make this with goat milk when my girls are in milk and it’s just as delicious.


Love, love, LOVE sourdough bread.  My starter is fed and very active and tomorrow I’ll be making bread.  I keep it in the frig and feed it once a week, then get it out a couple days before I want to make bread to let it get really active.


Maybe this is what we’ll see on Monday, we’re supposed to get SNOW!


Not much going on with the goats, still just waiting….


… for babies to arrive!!!

Have a great weekend!

16 thoughts on “Farm Photo Friday”

    1. Nothing compares is absolutely right! The terroir of fresh, local milk used in cheemaking makes it so uniquely delicious. I hope one day it’s more easily accessible for everyone who wants it.

  1. That Camembert looks amazing already – I don’t think I’d have the patience to wait for it to mature! Are you allowed to sell it or is it just for your own consumption?

    1. We’re not licensed to sell, so I make it for our own consumption. The idea of someday taking the necessary steps to sell cheese is very intriguing to me, but it would be quite expensive to get set up.

    1. It took me a long time to attempt sourdough, I was afraid I’d forget about it and kill it, and what a pain it would be to feed it, etc., but I’ve found that it’s very forgiving and not really that time consuming once you get in a routine. And the bread is amazing!

    1. So often the weathermen get me all excited about snow in the forecast, and then it doesn’t happen, But I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. I’m guessing you got the snow you wanted. 🙂
    It started here yesterday afternoon and continued through the night. I’m looking at this morning at a snowy (and bitterly cold) farm. May need an extra cup of coffee before heading out. 🙂

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