The aftermath of yesterday’s ice storm…





Everything is encrusted in ice, and while it’s beautiful and I want to capture that with my camera, I have to do it in small doses because my fingers just can’t take the cold anymore.  We didn’t lose power but we do have a few broken limbs, particularly from the pine trees.

5 thoughts on “Ice”

    1. My buck came out to see what the ice was all about and did a little branch nibbling, but the girls never set one foot outside all day, wimps!

      1. Ha! My does are too food-driven to worry about a little ice! LOL!

        (when my second-most-recent set of twins were nursing outside, the doeling wouldn’t kneel down in the ice, but the buckling didn’t care!)

    1. You are right, but luckily it wasn’t too bad, just a few downed limbs and some parts of the county lost power for a short while.

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