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Farm Photo Friday

Ice, ice, and now more ice.  Earlier in the week we had an ice storm, and now we’re under another ice storm warning until tomorrow morning, followed by heavy rain and thunderstorms over the weekend.  What a wild weather week.



The crocuses are trying their best to make it seem like spring.


Elliot braved the cold and ice to come outside and take advantage of the lowered tree branches, heavy with ice.


But the girls said no way to all that ice and cold and preferred to enjoy the view from their nice cozy barn.


The cardinals were everywhere on my walk.  I wish I had a longer lens to photograph them.


Food photography is hard when you have a dark kitchen and it’s night time so you can’t take it to a window for natural light, but this is what I put together for Valentine’s Day.  Bucheron (one of my favorite goat cheeses), The Drunken Goat (wine soaked cheese, how can you go wrong with that??), and a sheep’s milk Roquefort, along with homemade baguettes, chutney and dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt.

Have a great weekend!


10 thoughts on “Farm Photo Friday”

  1. I was about to comment on how beautiful those cardinals were when I got to the cheese platter! Man, I miss cheese. Can’t find the kind I like here at all. Beautiful shot, considering the winter light. Even your outdoor shots look bright. I’ve been put off taking shots of the ice and snow because everything looks so grey and gloomy, but yours always seem to have lots of life.

    1. Winter is actually my favorite season to photograph, because I like very start, simplistic compositions and the contrast you find in winter makes great black and white images. 🙂

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