Looking Forward

2012 02 02_0038 copyToday, after more darkness and dreariness, and with yet another chance for freezing rain and icing overnight, I am looking forward…


…to this year’s babies soon to be born…


…enjoying the start of the garden’s bounty…


… getting back on a regular riding schedule…


… and the first flowers of spring.

Spring is most certainly coming, though, and I must be patient.

3 thoughts on “Looking Forward”

  1. I am so looking forward to those first asparagus spears.

    We had a big snow (for us) last week–about 4 inches. For a day or two it was VERY cold. Then on Saturday it was 58 degrees and we thawed out–the snow was gone. But now there’s light snow in the forecast for today. It was just a tease.

    It’s hard for me to wait patiently for spring this time of year, even though impatience won’t bring it any sooner.

    Great photos. Thanks for the reminders of warmer days ahead.

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