Back To The Garden

20150330-IMG_9778Yes, it’s the time of year when gardening is beginning in earnest and where I’m spending much of my days.  We have raised beds that were planted in rye grass as a cover crop and Jon’s been loosening them up with the broad fork a few at a time.  We’re seeing tons of worms when he turns the beds,  a sign of good, healthy soil.  We’ve planted cabbage, broccoli and onion transplants, along with peas, turnips, lettuce, green onions, radishes, kale, spinach and carrots.


I always have lots of help from my cats when I’m gardening.  Here’s Milo taking a stroll through the garlic.

By far my favorite part of the garden is my herb bed.  Herbs are so carefree and easy, not fussy about much of anything, and come back every year with no special attention.  I use herbs daily, adding them liberally when cooking, adding them to different goat cheeses I make, incorporating them in our goat milk soaps, and also use them medicinally for us and our animals. Here are some of my favorite standbys:










Lemon balm…


8 thoughts on “Back To The Garden”

  1. Love all those lush herbs, Julie. I love herbs but I never seem to have much success. My rosemay always dies, my sage just doesn’t grow and my basil always flowers! I’m determined to keep trying, though!

    1. As you see flowers develop on your basil, pinch them off and that will encourage more leaf growth and prevent it from going to seed 🙂

  2. How I envy you. We still have piles of snow that have not yet melted, just suffered through another snowstorm last Tuesday that dropped five inches of the detested stuff and are expecting sleet and freezing rain tonight. Winter’s grip will not let up and cabin fever has now turned into sunshine deprived insanity! Enjoy the good weather and send some our way!!

    1. Oh my, I feel for you! Is this normal or is winter hanging on longer this year? In a few months we will be sweltering in heat and humidity, and I will envy you your nice cool summers 🙂

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