My Nemesis


They are lovely now, with their bright and cheery purple faces, but don’t let them fool you.  Soon the flowers will fade and the leaves will remain and get bigger and bigger.  I’ve been battling wild violet in my perennial bed for years now.  They’ve taken up residence and spread like wild fire and nothing will stop them.



I spent 5 hours one day last year pulling them.  You can’t get the root when you pull so that was a wasted effort, but I had to try something.  I mulch every year with pine bark; they come right through it.  A couple years ago I even resorted to using a spray just for violets that was supposed to kill them, even though I try never to use weed sprays.  But I was desperate.  Digging them up wouldn’t be practical, they’re everywhere, like a carpet.  Might as well just till up the whole bed, established perennials and all.  I’m at my wits end and if anyone has had success with getting rid of violets, please share.

4 thoughts on “My Nemesis”

  1. Oh dear! Drastic measures… must you really dig up the entire perennial bed??? I also have surrendered my yard to violets!!! (They have even invaded my lawn too.) I find my goats don’t prefer nibbling on violets when there’s a plethora of other vegetation within their reach! They do make a very pretty pastel jelly! 😉

    I’d be curious to hear of any anecdote you may discover for wrangling violets! I LOVE your ahhhhhmazing photography!!

    1. I made violet vinegar with them last year but didn’t like it enough to make it again. And if I find anything that actually works to get rid of them, I’ll be sure to share it!

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