Farm Photo Friday

Farm Photo Friday

Here’s my week in photos….

Oberhasli doeling enjoying a smorgasbord of weeds.

I turned the kids out into a pen that was overgrown with weeds for a few days but then had to move them back to the barn area when I saw a coyote hanging around.

Alpine doeling standing on a fallen tree.

Jon cut down a dead tree in the kid’s pen which is providing hours of entertainment for them.

Tunis sheep browsing.

If I had known sheep were this easy to care for, I would’ve gotten them a long time ago.  All I do is keep their water filled, otherwise they just happily graze, rest, repeat.

Horses grazing.

The horse pasture is so overgrazed and I hate it, but I have no where else to put them.  In three weeks we move and they will have all the grass they can eat.  And I will be spending a lot less money on hay.

Tomatoes from the garden.

We didn’t plant much in the garden this year as we anticipated finding a new property, but we did plant a few tomatoes, cucumbers, cantelope, zucchini and peppers.  These tomatoes will be going into the dehydrator.

Six barn cats impatient for breakfast

What happens when I take pictures before breakfast…. I have a trail of six cats following me everywhere.

Have a great weekend!



11 thoughts on “Farm Photo Friday”

  1. Hi! Your goats have inspired me to look into getting a few. I still have lots of research to do but I plan on taking a portion of my horses pasture and giving in to goats. I plan on 2-3 dairy goat does but instead of a barn I’m going to build a small area in our shop for them to kid. The baby goats will be adorable!

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