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Farm Photo Friday

File Jul 22, 1 31 56 PM

It’s been ridiculously hot and humid here, as it has in much of the US.  But for us in the South we likely won’t get much relief until September.  When the horses just stand in the pasture and sweat like this, you know it’s miserable.

File Jul 22, 1 32 47 PM

Since it’s too hot to do anything outside, I’ve been making lots of cheese.  I have goat Gouda, goat pepper jack, mixed milk cheddar and goat gruyere aging in my “cave.”


We dug the last of the potatoes this week.  We had purple viking, bintje and red gold this year.  I won’t be planting the purple viking again, the yield wasn’t that great.  But it was kinda cool to grow purple potatoes for a change.  The other two did well.


The cantelope is all ready at once, 10 melons in all, so we’ve been eating it at least twice a day and gave some away.  It’s my favorite melon.  I’ve always wondered why I’ve never seen it for sale at our local farmer’s markets when it grows so well.


Lots of red out there in the garden right now.


The sheep just do their thing.  So easy.


Have a great weekend!

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