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Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

farmer positioning electric net fencing

The plan today was to finally get the pastures limed.  We’ve been trying to get that done since November but have been battling rain every weekend since.  When you have a full time off farm job, every single weekend counts.   Finally last weekend was cold but dry and we thought it would be a go, but the Co-op closed that part of their operation for the weekend due to a little snow we got on Friday.  Today dawned warm and dry, no rain in the forecast.  Jon headed to the Co-op again, only to find out they don’t cover their lime and it was wet from the rain we had gotten a few days ago.  Frustrating?  Yes.  Like I said, every single weekend counts for us.  *Note the T-shirt, it was in the 70s today, record high.

So we went with Plan B, work on the fence line.  Up went the electric netting and out went the goats to help clear out the brushy overgrowth.

Oberhasli goats browsing on cedar trees.

This is right by the road, which is a very quiet road, but I stayed out there with the goats just to make sure they didn’t somehow get out.  They got shocked a few times and never came near the fence again.

Oberhasli goat browsing a fenceline

But things didn’t go as planned.  They nibbled on the cedar trees, sampled the brushy stuff in the fenceline, and then did this…

Oberhasli goats laying down in pasture

…laid down and just chilled for the next couple hours.  So down went the fence, back went the goats and out came the chainsaw.  Plan C.

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