Oberhasli Dairy Goats

Oberhasli dairy goat

We bought our first Oberhasli six years ago and absolutely love this breed for their sweet and gentle dispositions, quietness and creamy, tasty milk.  We use their milk to make our goat milk soap, as well as for making all kinds of cheeses, ice cream and yogurt for our family.  The Oberhasli is listed as… Continue reading Oberhasli Dairy Goats

Red Poll Cattle

red poll cattle

Red Poll cattle are listed as “Threatened” by The Livestock Conservancy.  They are known for their ability to do well on pasture, high quality beef, high milk production, gentleness, good maternal instincts and heat tolerance, making them an excellent choice for small farms.  We have two cows with calves and the cows are bred to… Continue reading Red Poll Cattle

Tunis Sheep

The Tunis is one of the oldest indiginous breeds of livestock in the United States, having been highly favored by Thomas Jefferson for their meat and wool producing capabilities.  During the Civil War the breed was almost wiped out by Union troops traveling throughout the South.  Thanks to a few dedicated individuals Tunis are making… Continue reading Tunis Sheep