Oberhasli Dairy Goats

oberhasli dairy goats

We bought our first Oberhasli six years ago and absolutely love this breed for their sweet and gentle dispositions, quietness and creamy, tasty milk.  We use their milk to make our goat milk soap, as well as for making all kinds of cheeses, ice cream and yogurt for our family.  The Oberhasli is listed as “Threatened” by The Livestock Conservancy.

We have four senior does, five junior does and a buck.  This year we brought in some new genetics with the purchase of a Haycreek doeling and another doeling from the Buttin’ Heads line.  We are also equipped for AI and are looking forward to improving our herd over the coming years.  Each spring we have a few kids for sale.  They go fast so if you’d like to be put on my waiting list please contact me.

Our goats are on pasture all year with a wide variety of browse and grass available to them.  The senior does and growing kids receive supplemental grain, and all of them receive kelp, baking soda and minerals free choice.  We manage parasites with rotational grazing, FAMCHA checks and fecal egg counts.  We are CAE negative.  We like to raise our goats naturally so our kids are dam raised until 8-12 weeks old.  These kids end up just as friendly as bottle babies but without the pushiness.

Oberhasli dairy goat kids playing on tires
A few of our 2017 kids.


Herd Sire, Tivio Farm CRT Echelon